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Dorothy R. Scheele

Dorothy Scheele, the creator of the Friendship Train web site, has been researching and writing about the Friendship and Merci Trains since about 2000. She became interested in the trains while visiting the Arizona Capitol Museum in Phoenix. Several of her articles have appeared in journals and magazines in Pennsylvania, California, and Nevada.

Ms Scheele’s e-mail address is

This site is intended as a companion site to the French Merci Train website,, which has complete information on the Merci boxcars. Ms Scheele and that website's founder, Mr. Earl Bennett, have been exchanging information for many years.

Ms Scheele's print publications can be found in the following journals:

Lancaster County Magazine [Pennsylvania] Nov 2001

Pennsylvania Heritage Spring 2003

California Territorial Quarterly Summer 2003

Western Pennsylvania History Fall 2003

Nevada Historical Society Quarterly Winter 2003

Los Tulares [California] March 2004

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